Finance & Stewardship


" 1 Timothy 6 verse 18, Mathew 6 verse 19 - 21, Malachi 3 verse 10"

It takes prudence and a diligent approach to manage finances to sustain a vibrant church. At Blantyre Baptist Church, the Finance and Stewardship Ministry is responsible for the management and stewardship of church financial resources. The ministry is crucial as it has a significant influence on the sustained financial health and growth of church assets.

Our Beliefs & Values

  • We value whatever God entrusts into our care and that a sense of accountability for what we have as well as prudence with resources that God gives us demonstrate responsibility and earn us trust.
  • We believe it is important that we manage very well the resources that God has given to us.
  • We believe that a combination of good accounting systems and prudence with our financial resources increase the church’s confidence which brings a positive effect on giving.

Our Goals & Objectives

  • To support the vision of the church through prudent management of financial resources.
  • To achieve timely and unqualified annual audit reports. At Blantyre Baptist Church, audits are done by independent third party auditors and we can testify to having clean audits for the last 10 plus years.
  • To produce realistic and timely income, expenditure and CAPEX budgets and conduct periodic reviews of actual spend versus budget and explain variances.
  • To achieve and maintain the Financial Well-being of the Church.
  • To develop Risk Management policies.
  • To establish and Monitor Funding Strategy and Plans.
  • To serve in an Advisory Role to the Pastoral Team, Deacons Board and Ministry Leadership.
  • To encourage and teach members to faithfully tithe and give generous offerings.

My Square Meter - Tiling Project for the Church

We invite the participation of every church member, regular attendee and well wishers to this exciting project where you can contribute to the tiling of the church. You may “claim” your square meter by sponsoring at least one square meter at the cost of MK25, 000 per square meter.

Deposits for this initiative can be made to the following designated account: - 1005557573, National Bank, Victoria Avenue.

Giving Towards Missions

At the beginning of this year, the church set a target of raising MK8,000,000 towards missions. Every 5th Sunday of the month was designated “Missions Sunday” and a special offering is made towards missions.

A special appeal is made to all church members and well wishers to partner with us and change the narrative of our church from a receiving church to a sending church in regards to missions by contributing at least MK18,000 or any amount towards missions.


To obey the Greatest Commandment and to fulfil the Great Commission.
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