" Mathew 25 verses 35 - 36"

Prison Ministry is one of the Ministries which Blantyre Baptist Church is operating. The idea of this Ministry is to go out and reach the inmates with the word of God which will bring them salvation hope and encouragement.

In the effort to evangelize the inmates eventually establish Baptist Prison Churches, Blantyre Baptist Church contacted Chief Commissioner of Prisons who approved the ministry and granted permission to Blantyre Baptist Church to conduct prayers at Chichiri Prison.

Blantyre Baptist Church launched Prison Ministry on 31 March 2012 under the name Freedom Behind Bars. So far Blantyre Baptist Church is conducting prayers at Chichiri Prison every Saturday. As of now we are waiting for a permission from The Chief Commissioner of Prisons so that we can extend this ministry to Bvumbwe Prison.

Currently Freedom Behind Bars is a Ministry and is working hand in hand with other ministries of Blantyre Baptist Church but any individuals who are willing to serve the Lord in this Ministry are welcome. And the Ministry has managed to win the souls to our Lord Jesus Christ; to change the lives of the inmates; to establish Prison Church at Chichiri Prison; and also to meet some of their physical needs.


  • Reaching the inmates in Prison with the word of God;
  • Establishing Prison Churches;
  • Follow up those who are released after sentence or pardon and encourage them to be active in the church;
  • Sharing the message of hope and encouragement to the inmates;
  • Restoring the broken relationship between the inmates and their communities/families.

A visit to the prison brings you another perspective of life. In fact you begin to appreciate your own freedom. Visitations include: Preaching, Teaching, Praying, Singing and counselling.

It is amazing to see how prisoners light up during the services. They have an incredible choir that sings. Besides the spiritual and psychological needs, we desire to meet physical needs. We are thankful for the donations that we have received from church members to meet the different needs, these are Chichewa Bibles, soap, second hand clothes, plastic buckets, cups and plates, slippers/patapata, toothbrush and various food items.

One of the needs of the prisoners is legal representation. There are some in mates who have been on remand for about ten years and their cases have not been heard.

Join Us

We believe we are making a difference in their lives. You may join us during a visitation or offer a gift or pray for the ministry. If God is leading you to assist in some way please contact Leader of Prison Ministry.


To obey the Greatest Commandment and to fulfil the Great Commission.
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